Churches and Cemeteries

Kirkby Malzeard
St Johns Church
Kirkby Malzaerd

William Appleby to Sarah Pratt, 11.10.1800.

Henry Appleby to Mary Lister, 12,6,1687

Mary Appleby to John Smith, 17.11.1701

Catherine Appleby to William Beckwith, 18.5.1720

Ellin (Helen?) Appleby to Thosas Harrison of Laverton, 2.12.1724

Margaret Dallowgill Appleby married Ralph Loftus, 5.11.1741

Isabel Appleby married John Linton, clerk of Ripon, 5.11.1741

Sarah Appleby married William Raper, 11.12.1759

Elizabeth Appleby married Robert Fawbert of Ripon, 17.9.1767

Beatrice Appleby married Christopher Richmond, 11.12.1755

Jane Appleby married John Knubbly, barber of Masham, 5.3.1781

Ann Appleby married Thomas Atkinson of Masham, 31.5.1784

Jane Appelby married Thomas Thackwray, flaxdresser, 8.12.1794

Mary Appleby to Thomas Dolphin, 31.12.1805

All Saints Church

James Appleby to Ann Bell, 23.11.1805.

St Peter's Church

William Appleby married Beatrice Dallow, 28.7.1712.

All Saint Church
Hurworth-on-Tees, Durham

William Appleby married Mary Howe, 27.11.1840

New Shildon
St Johns Anglican Church
2 Church Street, Shildon, Durham

Jane Ann Appleby married William Atkinson, 7.10.1866

St Marys Church of England
Whorlton, Durham

James Appleby married Jane Ann Goldsborough, 25.9.1880.

Bathurst, NSW
St Barnabas Church of England
Cnr Rocket & Bant Streets, Bathurst, NSW
(destroyed by fire, 23.2.2014)

Percy Appleby married Emily Eliza Appleby, nee Colley, 30.9.1908

Mabel Annie Appleby married Jack Briggs, 30.10.1912

Gladys Mary Appleby married Leslie Whatley 7.10.1915


All Saint Cemetery
Hurworth-on-Tees, Durham
Who Is Buried There:

Thomas Appleby. d. 2.10.1831

Sarah Appleby, wife of Thomas Appleby, d. 3.9.1838

James Appleby, d. 28.2.1848

William Appleby Snr. 28.5.1805

Ann Appleby, nee Bearpark, of Gilling, Yorks. 4.10.1831

Henry Appleby of Neasham, age 65, 9.9.1838

St Johns Anglican Cemetery
2 Church Street, Shildon, Durham
Who Is Buried There:

Mary Ann Appleby nee Tinkler, d.3.1.1898.

Kirkby Malzeard
St Andrews Anglican Cemetery
Kirkby Malzeard
Who Is Buried There:

William Appleby, 3.12.1772

Elizabeth Appleby, wife of William Appleby, 30.11.1772

Ann Appleby, daughter of John Appleby of Dallowgill, 17.11.1774

William Appleby, 2.11.1777

Henry Appleby, 18.3.1699

Sarah Appleby, daughter of Henry Appleby, 31.10.1711

Anthony Appleby of Swetton, son of Henry, 1.9.1722

Ann Appleby, 7.4.1808

William Appleby, age 75, 30.8.1845

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